Creating the future together!

Mary Supple, our At-Large Council Member, is a candidate for Richfield Mayor.  She is optimistic about our city’s future and wants to hear residents’ ideas of their dreams for Richfield.

Says Supple, “I love our city and believe we have a strong foundation. I hope to build on our strengths to increase economic development and opportunities for all residents.”

Supple grew up with a core value of public service. Her mother was the town clerk and her father was later elected as a county commissioner. Supple carried that legacy of service forward through more than 30 years of teaching in the Richfield Public Schools and as a leader in her union. Currently, she is  chair of the Richfield Housing and Redevelopment Authority and president of the Economic Development Authority.

Council Member Supple is enthusiastic about our long-term future. “One goal is to maintain our quality of life with the beautiful parks, mature trees, and clean water. We will meet challenges like replacing the Wood Lake Nature Center building and safeguarding our urban forest from emerald ash borer. We also need to be planful as we maintain our roads and other infrastructure for the next generation. We will be intentional about our decisions so that there are equitable opportunities to thrive for all residents whether that is through economic development, access to transit, or having quality housing choices.”

Richfield has a tradition of strong leaders and community activists working together to envision the future. Now it is our turn to build for future generations. Please vote for Mary Supple for Richfield Mayor.

Contact:, 612-281-7482