We have strived to increase the amount of housing available in our city. Richfield’s Inclusionary Housing Policy works to increase both affordability and accessibility. There are still items to work on:
  • We have a racial disparity in home ownership rates. The first time homebuyer loans are one way to address this issue, but we need to do more.
  • Naturally occurring affordable housing  (NOAH) in our city needs to be preserved so that residents have quality, affordable housing options. The Apartment Remodeling Program and Transformation Home Loans work to meet those needs. We also need to focus on making our NOAH more accessible for people with disabilities.
  • We have a lot of moderately affordable housing options in Richfield, but very few deeply affordable choices. Deeply affordable housing often requires a partnership between government, nonprofits and developers. It serves the needs of those residents who earn 30% of the area median income.