Rep. Linda Slocum

Linda Slocum

Mary Supple leads with integrity.  I have known Mary as a Richfield Middle School teacher, a Richfield HRA Commissioner, and now, as At Large City Council Member.  Mary has approached every responsibility with dedication and professionalism.

A trusted  leader, with a hopeful vision for the future and a desire to continue to build a vibrant community, I wholeheartedly support Mary Supple for Richfield Mayor.

Debbie Goettel, Hennepin County Commissioner

Debbie Goettel

Leadership like Mary’s comes from many years of being out in community. She understands our communities’ needs. Her long hours and dedication as a teacher and volunteer prove her love for Richfield. I support Mary Supple for Richfield Mayor.

Paula Cole, Vice-Chair, Richfield Board of Education

Paula Cole

I support Mary Supple for Richfield Mayor because as a City Council member she has been an integral part in the movement to build a City that works for all of us, and we would benefit from her continued leadership as Mayor of our City. From initiatives in education and public health and safety to a vibrant community that sees its city with pride and joy, Mary Supple is the leader we need to take our beloved City of Richfield to the next level of success.

Edwina Garcia, former Richfield City Council Member

I am pleased that Mary Supple is running for Mayor of Richfield. I met Mary in 1991 when I was running for state representative. She was instrumental in explaining public school funding and other related issues. Mary has taught in Richfield schools for 32 plus years. As a city council at large member, she has chaired the Housing and Redevelopment Authority and Economic Development Authority. Mary is impressive; she knows city issues and contributes to all discussions. She will continue to be a powerful voice for constituents. Mary’s unparalleled commitment to our community makes her a natural to serve as the next Mayor of Richfield.

Brandt Krueger, Richfield neighbor

Brandt Krueger

When I started getting more involved in local politics a few years back, there was a name I kept running into. It was always spoken with an interesting mix of respect and… warmth. You could tell that people not only cared about her opinion on local issues and politics, but also cared about her. When I found out who she was and what she did it all made sense, because the way people spoke about her was the way people speak about their favorite high school (or middle school) teacher: a mix of fondness and immense respect for the way they shape people’s lives.

And that’s Mary. Within minutes of speaking with her you know how much she genuinely cares about improving the lives of everyone in our community, and that she has the policy chops and breadth of knowledge to make smart decisions on how to do just that. I think she’ll make an incredible Mayor for the City of Richfield.